Archive: The Right Way to Double Park a Delivery Truck

A FedEx vehicle parked in a bike lane on Wynkoop Street between 15th & 16th Streets on Aug. 8. Photo: Andy Bosselman
A FedEx vehicle parked in a bike lane on Wynkoop Street between 15th & 16th Streets on Aug. 8. Photo: Andy Bosselman


Editor’s note: Streetsblog Denver is posting this 2008 story from Streetsblog New York after several complaints about FedEx and UPS vehicles parked in bike lanes came up with a recent Tweet from Rob Toftness.

When Streetsblog’s editor looked for a Denver photo for this story, another tweet, from Ben Schumacher, said that FedEx trucks are constantly parked in bike lanes on Wynkoop Street, which happens to be where Streetsblog’s offices are located. When the editor stepped outside, Schumacher was proven correct with the above photo.

This handy illustration, courtesy of New York DOT via New York Daily News columnist “Gridlock” Sam Schwartz, should be in the training curriculum for every delivery driver who does business in New York. Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson, who came across this graphic last week, says his appeals to delivery drivers stationed in bike lanes are often met by the excuse that it is not illegal to double park. When a vehicle blocks a bike lane, New York law says otherwise:

No vehicle is allowed to block a bicycle lane at any time. If there is no curbside spaces on either side of the street within 100 feet of a delivery/pickup location, commercial vehicles may stand, “double parked,” next to a bicycle lane. If there is no active loading or unloading taking place standing a vehicle in such a manner can result in a violation. Please note also that this does not apply to midtown Manhattan.

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