Friday’s Headlines

  • “Patricio Martinez killed a 20-year-old motorcyclist in 1994 on his fifth DUI. Since being released, he’s been busted driving drunk three more times.” (9 News)
  • Aurora police filed nine charges against the RTD driver accused of causing the R Line derailment last month that injured several passengers. (CBS4)
  • P3 problems: RTD’s A-Line contractor seeks a trial in its $80 million lawsuit against the agency for problems with the public-private partnership. (CPR)
  • Epic carsickness: Instead of building a $100 million parking lot, A-Basin said no to the Epic Pass. (Business Denver)
  • attacked him for fast pace of development. (Denver Post)
  • Map: Where is affordable housing in Denver? (Denverite)
  • Strike planned: Grand Valley Transit (Grand Junction) union members want higher wages, including a $15 starting wage, from the private contractor they work for. (Daily Sentinel)
  • Hancock says Denver has had an “absolutely phenomenal run” after mayoral candidates
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Correction: The headline on ski resort parking was corrected to reflect that A-Basin quit the Epic Pass, not Loveland. However, Loveland’s parking problems are discussed in that story. 

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Thursday’s Headlines

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Red light camera bill

Yesterday members of the Colorado House Transportation Committee killed HB1099, a bill that would have banned automated traffic enforcement statewide, including photo red light cameras.

Top photo: After a legislative victory, members of the Denver Streets Partnership posed for a photo outside of the State Capitol: Jack Todd and Piep van Heuven of Bicycle Colorado, Jill Locantore of WalkDenver, and Jaime Lewis of the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition.

Bottom photos: Rep. Jovan Melton (D-Aurora) and Rep. Stephen Humphrey (R-Greeley), co-sponsored the bill.

Before the hearing, Melton used false information to defend the bill. Photos: Andy Bosselman.

  • Members of a Colorado House committee “rejected what has become an annual attempt to kill off” automated enforcement in an 8-3 vote. (Colorado Springs Gazette)

Other news

  • Denver Post story fails to discuss pedestrian and cyclist safety in story about the massive “diverging diamond intersection” CDOT proposed at Kipling Street and Interstate 70 in Wheat Ridge. (Denver Post)
  • More on the Colorado Safety Stop ordinance in Thornton that allows cyclists to slow-roll through stop signs. (Fox 31)
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Pullquote: Denver’s disappearing green spaces are not “because of a growing population of people. It’s because of a growing population of cars.” —Alana Miller, Frontier Group

Wednesday’s Headlines


From Streetsblog

  • Fact check: Colo. Rep. Jovan Melton wants to ban red light cameras. But he justifies his position with false info. A hearing for his bill will happen at the State Capitol this afternoon. (Streetsblog Denver)
  • Opinion: Denver paved over paradise and put up a parking lot. Contrary to the conclusion of a recent Denver Post series, the city’s disappearing green spaces are not the fault of a growing population. With 60 percent of the built environment dedicated to cars, the real problem is cars themselves, not people, writes Alana Miller, a policy analyst at the Frontier Group. (Streetsblog Denver)

Other news

  • A man is facing murder charges after allegedly intentionally hitting a pedestrian with his car. (Denver7)
  • Police want to charge the RTD driver whose train was going too fast when it derailed and injured nine in Aurora last moth. (Denver Post)
  • State looking into Front Range passenger rail system that would extend from Pueblo to Ft. Collins. (KOAA)
  • All hype, no loop: Arrivo, the company that promised to bring a Hyperloop test track to Colorado, officially died. (Westword)
  • DU looking to replace Chariot shuttle service before the company shuts down next week. (Denverite)
  • Ski train: Amtrak’s new lounge car lets you pair 360-degree mountain views with local brews, cocktails and snacks for the two-hour trip to Winter Park. (Eater Denver)
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Tuesday’s Headlines


From Streetsblog

  • Cyclists allowed to roll through stop signs in Thornton, a first for Denver Metro. (Streetsblog Denver)

Other news

  • Four people hospitalized after suspected drunk driver caused crash on I-25 near Ft. Collins. (Coloradoan)
  • One Colorado State Patrol trooper injured in 24-hour period when drivers struck three CSP vehicles. (Denver Post)
  • Driver of R-Line train fired after derailment ejected and severely injured a woman. RTD doesn’t have tech that could have slowed the vehicle automatically. (Denver Post)
  • Former CU football player T.J. Cunningham dies after dispute over parking spot. (CBS4)
  • Jury awards $52 million to cyclist paralyzed after two cars hit him in 2017. (Denver Post)
  • Survivor of attack at Yale station last month searching for good Samaritan who helped her. (Fox 31)
  • The Colorado legislature will consider a bill to ban red-light cameras Wednesday. (Denver7)
  • Denver’s Little Saigon district will get a face lift with street safety project. (Fox 31)
  • E-scooters could come to Ft. Collins. (CBS4)
  • What’s the future of parking for multifamily projects? (Colorado Real Estate Journal)
  • Lack of parking cited for A-Basin ski resort’s decision to leave Epic Pass. (Colorado Sun)
  • Denver’s zoning rules have been a tool to further racism since 1925. The Denverite planning process should change that. (Denver Urbanism)
  • Denver businesses improvement districts use camping ban to push homeless people out of public areas. (Next City)
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