Shoshana Lew listening tour

Tuesday’s Headlines

Shoshana Lew, executive director of CDOT, at a press conference Friday. Photo: Andy Bosselman

From Streetsblog

  • To people who walk, bike and ride transit: CDOT is listening. The agency launched a listening tour to prioritize state transportation projects. Check out Streetsblog’s interview with Shoshana Lew, the department’s new executive director. (Streetsblog Denver)

Other news

  • A train derailment near Lincoln Station is delaying RTD’s E, F and R lines this morning. (Denver Post) (Twitter updates)
  • Opinion: Lawmakers should mandate tech that limits semi truck speeds after the fiery I-70 crash last month. (Denver Post)
  • $1 trillion: Amount presidential candidate Michael Bennet says he would commit to fighting the climate crisis. (CPR)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 6 a.m.: 15 Good. Yesterday’s max: 37 Good.
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Monday’s Headlines


From Streetsblog

  • Data geek: After tracking 102 train rides, RTD’s on-time rate clocks in at 36%. As a growing metropolis, we need more reliable transit, says Ryan Dravitz. (Streetsblog Denver)

Other news

  • Car enthusiasts raise money for the family of Francisco Morales. A drunk driver hit and killed the father of two. (Fox 31)
  • It’s been two years since Denver pledged to end all traffic fatalities by 2030. But the city is on track to see more people die on its streets this year than last. (CPR)
  • Denver’s air quality ranks as 12th most polluted in the country. (CBS4)
  • CDOT asks the public to help prioritize the state’s transportation needs. (Denver Post)
  • Commentary: Blueprint Denver doesn’t abolish single-family zoning. (Denver Post)
  • A “crash course” will help Denver quickly expand its bike lane network and “get past the usual resistance to bike and transit infrastructure.” (Fast Company)
  • The two DPW employees placed on leave may have violated the city’s ethics guidelines when they accepted a trip to Europe from a company that later sold the city a street sweeper. (Denver Post) (Westword)
  • CU Denver students designed a Hyperloop vehicle. (CBS4)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 6 a.m.: 31 Good. Yesterday’s max: 39 Good.
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