Friday’s Headlines

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  • Guest post: As drivers kill 35 percent more pedestrians than they did in 2008,  the climbing death toll should be a wake-up call for our leaders that this is a public health crisis which requires immediate action, writes Trevor Stankiewicz of The Frontier Group. (Streetsblog Denver)

Other news

  • Denver mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis wants to delay Denveright, the city’s 20-year planning process, until after May 7 election. (Colorado Politics)
  • This is how an inversion layer traps pollution over Denver; article blames brown cloud on weather, not pollution itself. (Denver Post)
  • “Unhealthy air for everyone” continued yesterday morning according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. (CBS4)
  • Ken Salazar on oil and gas reform: It’s driven by “a Boulder view of the world” that jeopardizes Democratic control of state government. (Denver Post)
  • Sleep-deprived drivers cause more deaths for up to two weeks after daylight saving time, which starts Sunday. (North Denver News)
  • Gas line broke at Suncor Energy oil refinery in Commerce City, releasing vapor cloud. (Denver Post)
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Thursday’s Headlines

the Rocky Mountains were barely visible through the smog
Looking west from downtown Denver yesterday, the peaks of the Rocky Mountains were barely visible through the smog.

From Streetsblog

  • Fossil fuels choked Denver with air quality three times worse than in Beijing yesterday — and Denver isn’t doing enough to reduce its car dependency. (Streetsblog Denver)

Other news

  • Air quality remains unhealthy today. (Denver Post)
  • Colorado Public Radio headline suggests “blaming the cold” weather for poor air quality, not the actual sources of pollution. (CPR)
  • Proposal to tighten Colorado’s oil and gas regulations passes committee after 12-hour hearing. (Denver Post)
  • 9 News anchor Kyle Clark highlighted irony of hundreds of oil and gas industry supporters protesting the stricter environmental rules outside of the capitol yesterday as the sky was brown with unhealthy air, a problem the industry contributes to. (Twitter)
  • Ken Salazar, former senator and Secretary of the Interior, writes that proposed overhaul of oil and gas regulations are too extreme. (Denver Post)
  • After John Hickenlooper said he would run for president, Westword asks if he can outrun his “Frackenlooper” legacy. (Westword)
  • In Denver, I-70 and I-25 form an L-shape that visualizes many of the city’s inequalities. (Denverite)
  • Randy Grauberger named first director of commission charged with expanding passenger rail along the Front Range. (RT&S)
  • Democrats want a ballot measure that would kill the state spending cap that is a part of TABOR, Governor Polis isn’t sure about such a move. (Colorado Sun)
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An Associated Press reporter asks Sam Cole, a CDOT spokesperson, a question

Wednesday’s Headlines


From Streetsblog

  • Pot smokers think driving while stoned is no big deal. Colorado wants to change that. (Streetsblog Denver)
  • Bike commuters would be able to write off up to $53 in monthly expenses, thanks to a new tax billintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives this week. (Streetsblog USA)

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