Traffic Violence Report: Winnebago Driver May Have Intentionally Killed Muslim Woman

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Saliha Abdalla-Suleiman, 42, was the victim of the December 11 hit-and-run where a driver steered a Winnebago motor home onto a sidewalk and crashed into her near Ruby Hill Park in Southwest Denver, according to police. Her family thinks the driver may have intentionally run over the Eritrean refugee because she is Muslim, according to a report from Fox 31.

Saliha Suleiman in an undated photo. Image: GoFundMe
Saliha Suleiman in an undated photo. Image: GoFundMe

Police detained Roosevelt Cribbs Jr. hours after issuing a statewide Medina alert. He was charged with vehicular homicide. Officials have not commented on the potential hate crime.

Abdalla-Suleiman was walking home from an English class to make lunch for the seven children she was raising, according to a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the family.

Traffic violence

Police released the name of Santiago Pacheco, who died when his vehicle crashed into a fixed object in Stapleton on November 25, a fatality included in an earlier Streetsblog Traffic Violence Report.

The number of road deaths this year is now 68, compared to 60 at this point last year, a 13 percent increase. On Oct. 7, Denver reached the same number of traffic fatalities in all of 2018 when Cameron Holub died in a crash between his bike and a car.

The trend of increasing traffic deaths continues despite Mayor Hancock’s 2016 pledge to end all traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030.

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