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A sign directs people to stay on designated trails in Cheesman Park. Photo: Andy Bosselman

Denver Shouts ‘Get Off My Lawn’ With Obnoxious Signs in Cheesman Park

Visitors to Cheesman park are doing it all wrong. A few weeks ago, at least a dozen signs popped up right in the middle of informal trails where people run and walk. They direct people to use official paths. But pedestrian advocates say that such paths show where people want to go and that officials should respond by building formal trails in those locations.
Street safety advocates watch as Gov. Jared Polis wears a bike helmet while signing a bill into law that stiffens penalties against careless drivers who seriously injure vulnerable road users.

Colorado Is No Longer a Place Where Careless Drivers Get Away With Hurting People

When careless drivers severely injure pedestrians, cyclists, police officers and other vulnerable road users, they will no longer drive away from the scene of a crash with nothing more than light penalty. Under Senate Bill 19-175, which Gov. Jared Polis signed into law this morning at the Denver Bicycle Cafe, Colorado became the 10th state to enact legislation that defines vulnerable road users and punishes drivers who hurt them more severely.