Eyes on the Street: No Sidewalk on Park Hill Route to 40th & Colorado Station

At Colorado Blvd., E. 35th Ave. has no sidewalk. A retaining wall forces pedestrians into the street. Photo: Jonathon Stalls
At Colorado Blvd., E. 35th Ave. has no sidewalk. A retaining wall forces pedestrians into the street. Photo: Jonathon Stalls

Jonathon Stalls, a walking advocate, created this video chronicling a stretch of East 35th Avenue, which lacks a sidewalk for several blocks as it approaches Colorado Boulevard.

Part of the street has a retaining wall, which forces people on foot to walk on the street. Other areas offer dirt paths. The street is a major thoroughfare for people in Northeast Park Hill who walk to the Regional Transportation District’s 40th & Colorado Station, says Stalls.

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But the situation could change, according to Nancy Kuhn of the Department of Public Works.

“This stretch is identified as a Tier 1 project in our Denver Moves: Pedestrians and Trails Plan, as it directly connects to our Vision Zero High Injury Network,” she said in an email to Streetsblog. Colorado Boulevard is one of the city’s most deadly and injury-prone streets. “That means it’s considered a higher priority and will be among the first segments analyzed for constructability, scheduling and funding.”

Stalls walked across the United States in 2010, founded Walk2Connect in 2012 and now runs a creative project called Intrinsic Paths, which is centered on walking culture, engaged contemplation and pedestrian dignity.

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  • TakeFive

    Westside Investment Partners recently closed on the purchase of Park Hill Golf Course from longtime owner Clayton Foundation. Plans for redevelopment will take some time for this 155 acres of land. https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2019/07/12/denver-park-hill-golf-club-sold.html

    “It’s an amazing piece of ground and we’re going to be on a listening tour with the community to figure out what would be the best use out there.” On Thursday, Klein said he’s considering “affordable and diverse housing options,” along with open space and recreation uses.

    As a part of the master plan I wouldn’t be surprised to see road widening or at least ingress and egress lanes as well as new drainage, curb, gutter and sidewalks.

    • mckillio

      I certainly hope so.

  • JZ71

    Not exactly accurate. Between Colorado and Albion (one block) there are no sidewalks. For the rest of the journey, between Albion and Dexter, there is a (crappy, narrow, rolled curb, integrated) sidewalk along the south side of 35th. Yes, it should be better, and yes, one good one is needed along the north side (because snow melt), but to say “no sidewalk”, at all, isn’t entirely accurate.