Last Week: Motorists Killed One Person Biking on Denver Streets

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.09.41 AM

It was another bloody week for people walking, biking, and driving on Denver streets, with four people losing their lives between June 3 and June 10.

One of them was biking, according to the Denver Police Department. Three were in cars, bringing this year’s death count to 26 — three more than last year at this time.

Seven people were injured in traffic collisions last week — one while walking, four in cars, and two on motorcycles. Denver PD responded to a whopping 530 collisions.

With this series, we aim to remind politicians, transportation officials, local media, and the public that the cost of inaction on traffic safety policies is extremely high. The longer it takes to redesign our car-centric streets, the more people will get hurt or killed.

The Hancock administration and Denver PD still lack a protocol for alerting the public to serious traffic collisions and tallying them accurately, despite the mayor’s ostensible commitment ending traffic deaths, announced more than two years ago. Hopefully documenting this information, gathered from Denver PD reports, will help drive change from decision-makers and elevate the profile of this public health crisis.

Based on wrong information provided by Denver PD, this article originally stated drivers had killed two people walking. The article and chart has been corrected.


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