Traffic Violence Report: Two Road Deaths Increase Denver’s Total to 67

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From the Denver Police Department:

  • Alexander Romashkin, a pedestrian, died in a crash involving a driver near Sloans Lake on W. 17th Avenue & Sheridan Boulevard on Nov. 16.
  • An unidentified driver died after crashing into a fixed object in Stapleton on Nov. 25.
  • Police identified the 44-year-old pedestrian, whose Nov. 18 death Streetsblog previously reported, as Shannon Swanson.

The two new fatalities bring the number of Denver road deaths to 67, compared to 60 at this point last year, a 12 percent increase. On Oct. 7, Denver reached the same number of traffic fatalities in all of 2018 when Cameron Holub died in a crash between his bike and a car.

The trend of increasing traffic fatalities continues despite Mayor Hancock’s 2016 pledge to end all traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030.



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