Longer Airport Trains Rolling After Ridership Increased 6 Percent

A four-car A-Line train
A four-car A-Line train before departing Union Station in January. Photo: Andy Bosselman

Denver’s airport trains are twice as long since growing ridership pressed the Regional Transportation District to expand the service.

RTD’s University of Colorado A-Line trains grew from two-cars to four on January 13, which follows a six percent increase in ridership in 2018 over the previous year. Since the line launched in April of 2016, 17.8 million people have taken trips on the line, a milestone that exceeded RTDs expectations.

A Streetsblog story yesterday reported that A-Line ridership decreased 35 percent last year, which was based on incorrect information provided by RTD. That story has been corrected:

A-Line Ridership

  • 7 million: Boardings in 2018 (6% increase)
  • 6.6 million: Boardings in 2017
  • 4.1 million: Boardings in 2016 (service started April 22)