Vote for the Best and Worst of 2017 in the Denver Streetsies

2017 had a lot of ups and downs for Denver streets and transit.

This was the year the city passed a $431 million bond focused on walking, biking, and transit projects. The package will fund sidewalks, protected bike lanes, and bus rapid transit on East Colfax Avenue, among other things.

This was also the year the city moved closer to realizing a road widening project on Federal Boulevard, Denver’s deadliest street, and a similar project on 56th Avenue. Both expansions will encourage drivers to speed and make it harder for pedestrians to cross the street.

Denver is a city in transition, making tentative steps to shed a long legacy of cars-first planning, but still beholden to old habits and the political pressure to stick with the status quo.

The Streetsies are a way to make sense of the year that was and track the city’s progress. What were the highlights of the year for city streets and transportation policy? What should we celebrate and replicate going forward? What were the mistakes that we should learn from and never repeat?

Cast your vote below and weigh in on the year that was (if The polls are open until December 27, and we’ll post our year-in-review on January 2.

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