Sad Scenes From Denver’s Bike to Work Day

15th blocked bike lane
Two trucks occupy the 15th Street bike lane and a general traffic lane. Photo: Robby Long

Yesterday Streetsblog showed you joyful scenes from Denver’s Bike to Work Day, and there were plenty.

Readers also submitted photos of frustrating street conditions for people on two wheels — showing how far Denver has to go to become bike-friendly. The common thread: Denver’s bicycle lanes are constantly obstructed by cars and trucks. Even the city’s “protected” bike lanes, where people on bikes should feel safest, are not immune.

Bike to Work Day is supposed to help people see how bike commuting can become a daily routine. But how’s that going to turn out if newcomers encounter conditions like this?

15th st cones
Problem solved! Photo: WalkDenver
The Arapahoe Street protected bike lane. Photo: Tim Mendt