Mayor Hancock, Public Works Open the Redesigned Blake Street Bridge

blake st3
Blake Street a couple of years ago (bottom) versus Blake Street today (top). Photos: Google Maps/David Sachs

Mayor Michael Hancock cut the ribbon on much needed improvements to the Blake Street bridge over 38th Street on Thursday.

What was once a rundown, three-lane road without sidewalks is now a two-lane street with painted bike lanes in each direction and roomy sidewalks for people walking to and from the adjacent 38th and Blake RTD station.

The sidewalks connect to a pedestrian bridge over the train tracks, which makes the River North and Cole neighborhoods accessible to one another by foot or by bike.

Mayor Michael Hancock opens the more multimodal Blake Street bridge. Photo: David Sachs

“One of our goals was to strengthen the transportation network in this area and better connect it to other parts of town,” Hancock said. “The new and improved Blake Street bridge over 38th helps further this vision for safer streets and our city’s ongoing efforts to provide people choices in how they get around our great city.”

All told, 4,000 linear feet of sidewalks have been added throughout the neighborhood, Director of Transportation Crissy Fanganello said.

  • mckillio

    Glad to see the improvements but where are all of the trees? Trees should always be a buffer between the street and sidewalk.

    • gojoblogo

      I agree with you, but all the parcels of land on the southeast side of the street have plans for redevelopment and the City will require them to install trees and improved streetscape etc. The City will not pay for that sort of amenity unless they absolutely have to!

      • mckillio

        Good point and it makes total sense. Having said that, the train side of the street has the sidewalk adjacent to the street and then soil, that should be reversed.

  • gojoblogo

    Though this could change in the future, right now, those bike lanes attach to nothing. They either dump you out on bike unfriendly 40th Ave or onto one-way Blake street. Hopefully good signage tells people how to connect to the station with a bike!