Eyes on the Street: Right of Way Enforcement Not Right at All

Another right of way enforcement worker is probably on the way to right the ticket.
Another right of way enforcement officer is probably on the way to write a the driver a ticket, right?

This photo is almost too on-the-nose.

Earlier today a reader sent Streetsblog Denver this picture of a Department of Public Works Right of Way Enforcement van parked in the bike lane on 14th Street, in front of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, at about 9:30 a.m.

What, exactly, does Right of Way Enforcement do? This, according to DPW’s website:

Right of Way Enforcement issues citations for parking violations. We address on- and off-street parking violations, private property parking violations and other violations of city parking regulations.


This photo is another reminder that downtown lanes created for people on bikes are often just free parking spaces for drivers. (Notice FedEx, the city’s worst parking violator, parked on the bike lane in the background.)

This will continue as long as downtown drivers see parking anywhere they want as an entitlement or a cost of doing business. Better enforcement is key to creating the city that officials say they want. But based on this picture, it’s hard to believe DPW takes enforcement seriously.

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  • MT

    Saw another one doing the same thing on Champa just a couple days ago.

  • Of course they don’t take actual parking enforcement seriously. This is simply an extortion scheme.

  • neroden

    You got the time of day, but it would be better to also get the license plate. Because the DPW *knows* who took out a vehicle with a particular license plate at that time of day, and therefore knows sho whould get the parking ticket….


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