Traffic Violence Report: 2 New Deaths Bring Total to 59

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Fatalities Update from the Denver Police Department

This week police reported two traffic fatalities. The total number of deaths reached 59 this year, three short of the 62 killed on Denver streets in 2018.

  • Shayla Bronson died September 14 in a two-vehicle hit-and-run crash at Colorado Boulevard and East 12th Avenue. Friday police announced they had arrested Jordan Hale who is suspected of leaving the scene of the crash.
  • Police just reported the March 27 death of Carol Patrick, who was killed in an auto crash at East Mississippi Avenue and South Broadway.

Reconciling reporting methods

This week the graphic at the top of the page shows 62 deaths in 2018, which reflect’s the Denver Police Department’s count of traffic fatalities. In earlier Traffic Violence Reports we reported 58 traffic deaths last year, which reflects fatalities counted according to the federal government’s FARS standard. (The federal number does not include deaths related to train crashes, among other things).