Traffic Violence Report: 9 Serious Injuries Amid 516 Crashes Last Week

Image: Paul Sableman via Flickr.
Image: Paul Sableman via Flickr.

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No new traffic fatalities were added to Streetsblog’s weekly Traffic Violence Report.  (Last week, five new fatalities included one within the current reporting period of August 19 – 26).

  • Of 516 crashes, nine people were seriously injured.
  • There were 170 hit-and-run incidents, fully one third of all crashes.
  • 13 drivers who caused collisions were drunk or drug impaired.

The 55 people killed on the city’s streets so far this year approaches the 58 road fatalities in all of 2018. On February 17, 2016, Mayor Hancock committed Denver to a Vision Zero pledge to end all traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030.


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