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It’s that time of year when we call on our readers for a little help. More importantly, it’s that time of year when you can win stuff for helping.

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Win a weekend at Velorama.

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We have 15 of these things for 15 lucky supporters.
We have 15 of these things for 15 lucky supporters.

Donate $100 or more and you could win two 3-day passes to Velorama, the downtown music, arts, and bike festival inspired by the Colorado Classic bicycle race. It’s August 17-19.

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Give $200 or more and you’ll get an exclusive walking tour with CU Denver urban planning professor Ken Schroeppel and Streetsblog Denver editor David Sachs. We’ll ramble around for two hours and explore the good and bad of the built environment for people walking, using wheelchairs, biking, and taking transit. Sachs and Schroeppel, a Streetsblog board member who founded DenverInfill and DenverUrbanism, will curate the tour. It’s set for September 29.

So go ahead and donate! It’s imperative to keep Streetsblog churning out high-impact reporting — free to read with no ads or incessant requests for you to whitelist us. Winning stuff is just a bonus.

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