Denver Drivers Have Killed 4 People Walking and Biking Since May 30. Police Still Haven’t Said What Caused the Crashes.

The intersection where a motorist killed cyclist Mamady Kande. Image: Google Maps
The intersection where a motorist killed cyclist Mamady Kande. Image: Google Maps

It’s been a deadlier-than-usual two weeks for people walking and biking in Denver. Yet the Denver Police Department still hasn’t released basic information on crashes that claimed the lives of five people since May 30.

Streetsblog has requested police reports and information on motorist speed and who had the right-of-way at the moment of impact, but Denver PD has not provided those specifics.

“It all depends on when the investigations conclude,” a police spokesperson said in an email.

Two weeks after the first death in this rash of traffic violence, here’s the extent of what we know…

On May 30, a little after 5 p.m., an unidentified driver hit a woman walking near the intersection of 15th Street and Welton Street downtown. The Denver medical examiner identified the victim as Elsie Steffany, 55. Steffany was crossing the street — which one, we don’t know — and suffered serious head trauma, according to a Facebook post from her daughter. She died June 1 from her injuries.

Also on May 30, an unidentified driver killed a person walking near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Leyden Street a little after 10 p.m., according to Denver PD. The Denver medical examiner identified the victim as David Williams, 55, who died from “blunt impact.” That’s all we know.

On June 6, an unidentified driver struck and killed cyclist Mamady Kande, 56, at about 11:30 a.m. ear Santa Fe Boulevard and Evans Avenue. The cause of death was blunt force, according to the medical examiner. Was the driver distracted? Speeding? A week later, the public has no idea.

On Monday, near 25th and Federal, an unidentified driver struck and killed a person walking, and that’s the extent of what we know.

It’s been more than two years since Mayor Michael Hancock said his administration would take traffic deaths seriously. And any serious attempt to prevent fatalities has to include a reliable, transparent crash investigation protocol that informs people about the causes of deadly crashes.

But weeks after these crashes, we don’t know what precipitated them. We just know that the powers that be want us to wear Day-Glo after dark.

Based on wrong information provided by Denver PD, this article originally stated that five people walking and biking were killed. It has been corrected.

  • Anonymous Bike Zealot

    Denver drivers have caused the crashes. Or maybe it was Denver cyclists. Probably a little of each. Let’s be honest. Denver is not this great place to be a cyclist. It’s basically Indianapolis with a trendier image.

    • Our trendier image is now 10 year record high of violent crimes. This is what the world sees. Touriam is down. Why do you think the city wants tonrato sales taxes. And they can’t use schools no more. So they turn to parks as the pawn.

      They can’t pay @denverteachers our teachers, they don’t want tonteact our children about guns, or any other life skills.

      Kleptocrats, for Kleptocracy of Denver Government, 2019. I’m not wrong, nor am I the bad guy.

  • Camera_Shy

    I turn 55 in 7 months, I guess it’s the end of my walking around Denver!

  • Haylee Ferington

    I have asked denver police if they are aware of ped fatality rates when they are blocking crosswalks. They halfheartedly respond yes and get back in their car. When asked private security guards hired by rtd they said “drugs and alcohol.” Meanwhile I had my two year old daughter with me and had moments earlier almost been hit by a driver. To which i asked them if they thought it was because i was drunk or high, to which they ran away to “deal with something”. KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS!

    • Think about another 4 years of Hancock or Kayvan the dope man. Look at last 10 years, we nownrecorn high violent crimes. What has changed over last 10 years? Asking questions and getting no answers. Is the problem. Time to vote May 7 2019.

      • Haylee Ferington

        Asking questions raises awareness whether you directly see the outcomes or not. Voting is nice and all but all know truly that matters(ahem trump). That being said i do vote, again it us not the only option. Discussion is key to shifting behaviors and attitudes!

  • RespectForYou

    Traffic enforcement is a joke. Red light-running, speeding, driving at dusk or after dark without lights, etc. The cops do nothing. They drive the same way. Hancock is a doofus.



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