Add East Colfax to the List of Streets Getting Transit Signal Priority for Faster Buses

Photo: David Sachs
Photo: David Sachs

Yesterday Streetsblog reported that the Regional Transportation District and Denver Public Works will speed up buses on six streets by giving them more green lights as they approach intersections.

Make that seven.

East Colfax Avenue, Denver’s busiest street for buses, received the “transit signal priority” treatment this week. The news was first reported by ABC7 last night, following our story.

RTD’s 15 and 15L buses now have the ability to extend green lights or change them from red at 10 intersections, says Jeff Becker, a service development manager with the transit agency. Colfax at Quebec, Clarkson, Downing, Grant, Josephine, York, Lincoln, Logan, Park, and Washington all received the treatment.

More East Colfax intersections will see TSP installed in the future, Becker said: Steele, Garfield, Krameria, and Yosemite.

These are a significant transit improvement on the city’s busiest transit street. They’re also short-term fixes as Denverites await bus rapid transit on East Colfax.