#StreetFail: All Four Corners at 19th and Grant Off Limits to Pedestrians

Photo: David Sachs
Photo: David Sachs

If you’re walking around the intersection of 19th Avenue and Grant Street, be prepared to either take your chances in the street with cars or walk completely out of your way, because Denver Public Works has allowed construction crews to close every crossing to pedestrians.

The closures extend up each street a bit on both sides, and there’s a bus stop on 19th where riders are disembarking into the roadway.

If the closure wasn’t enough of a middle finger to people on foot, a sign attached to a development site yells at pedestrians not to walk in the street — as if they have much of a choice.

Photo: David Sachs
Photo: David Sachs

The irony is that some of this construction work is part of a great DPW redesign of 19th, Grant, 20th Avenue, and Logan Street that will transform one-way speedways into two-way neighborhood streets — with bike lanes and fewer car lanes in some cases.

Clearly, there’s been a failure to communicate. The DPW website only shows two corners closed to pedestrians.

Denver needs to coordinate work like this so it doesn’t force people on foot to make impossible choices. A pedestrian shutdown of an entire four-way intersection is unacceptable — especially when it’s so easy and inexpensive to make a temporary path for people walking.

Hat tip to Streetsblog reader Nate B. who alerted us to this #StreetFail.

  • EMB

    Contractors seeking street occupancy permits are required to attend a bi-weekly coordination meeting for downtown right of way closures to avoid just this situation. Did all these projects go through the correct permitting process? It’s not difficult or expensive.

  • In my transit career I found that contractors sometimes took a bigger chunk of the right-of-way than they were permitted. During a boom they count on city or county staff being too busy to check on them.

    • Jake Cohen

      Feels like we need a strong move to require temporary pedestrian walkways on all new construction.

      • neroden

        Providing viable walking routes should be mandatory on all construction. If necessary, close the streets to cars.


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