Eyes on the Street: Colorado Boulevard Gets a New (Obstructed) Sidewalk

Photo: David Sachs

Last month Streetsblog published a photo of the east side of Colorado Boulevard, where a half-mile strip of overgrown jungle grass was posing as a sidewalk. Bus stops with no pedestrian infrastructure abutted Park Hill Golf Club, a private course with immaculate walking and driving paths just a few feet away from the public right of way.

Not anymore. Denver Public Works just installed a sidewalk along the 40 mph street.

The walking environment still needs work. Light posts block the middle of the sidewalk, making it a bit of an obstacle course, especially for wheelchair users. And this segment of the street, between 35th and 40th avenues, does not have any painted or signalized crosswalks.

But hey, the city has made a bad situation more tolerable and taken an important step forward for walkability on this stretch.

Colorado Boulevard before the new sidewalk. Photo: David Sachs


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