Send Pictures of Well-Designed Denver Streets And You Could Win Stuff

Photos: David Sachs
Photos: David Sachs

Editor’s note: This contest has been extended to the end of April.

Earlier this year Streetsblog Denver asked readers to share pictures of #StreetFails — crummy sidewalks, undignified bus stops, drivers parking in bike lanes. We also asked for #SweetStreet photos — well-designed streets that prioritize people’s safety instead of moving automobiles at dangerous speeds.

Unsurprisingly the blog received way more photos of fails than wins. That makes this new contest a worthy challenge for readers.

Streetsblog Denver has teamed up with the Community Active Living Coalition’s PhotoVoices project to build on the growing archive of photos that show the state of Denver’s streets. For March and April, we’re looking for examples of streets that work well.

The winning photo could be an intersection that gives bike riders their own crossing signal, a bus stop that actually looks inviting, or curb extensions that slow drivers down while pedestrians wait to cross the street. Maybe it’s a police officer ticketing a driver parked in a bike lane.

We’ll post the finalists at the end of the month and let readers vote for the best one. Submit the photos online or on Twitter and Facebook with the #SweetStreet hashtag. You can email pictures as well. What’s in it for the winner? Your choice of a gift card, tickets to an event, and other prizes provided by CALC.