Tell Denver Public Works Which Street Designs Are Best for Broadway, Lincoln

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The Broadway/Lincoln corridor is in dire need of becoming a neighborhood for people instead of just a thruway for cars. That’s why some planners from the Department of Public Works are trying to transform the streets with things like protected bike lanes and better crosswalks.

DPW is considering three designs, and it’s clear which one is best. “Option #3” creates a one-way protected bike lane on each street, and repurposes one motor vehicle travel lane on both Broadway and Lincoln. This design may be harder to “sell” to the driving public than other options, but it would do more to calm traffic and give people on bikes a much-needed north-south connection.

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Another option, which mimics the brief pop-up demo from September, would include a two-way buffered bike lane on Broadway by repurposing a traditional travel lane. A big improvement, but the design doesn’t call for physical protection to keep cars and people on bikes separate. Narrowing the wide travel lanes would make more room for a physical buffer, too. Lincoln’s east sidewalk would gain two feet for a walking and biking path for 1.2 miles, but 12 feet for people walking and biking isn’t a lot of space.

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Option #1, originally from the Golden Triangle Neighborhood Plan, has Broadway with the same bi-directional bike lane, only with no changes to Lincoln.

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DPW just extended the comment deadline on the bikeway proposals until Wednesday, December 9 (though general comments on the corridor will be accepted throughout the planning process). To help make sure the best design doesn’t get scrapped, make your opinion known here.

  • JerryG

    Actually, your statement about Option #1 is incorrect. The Golden Triangle Neighborhood Plan called for replacing a travel lane with a transit only lane, just like on Broadway, not like a AM Transit lane like all of these plans show. Furthermore, having a two-way cycle track on Broadway would be the best option, since the majority of the commercial establishment are on Broadway and why make those cyclists traveling north walk a block to get to anything on Broadway. Now it is possible that DPW does not want to make significant changes to Lincoln, like permanently removing a travel lane. However, any changes that still allows for four travel lanes on Lincoln during off-peak times just presents an opportunity for high speed drivers and perpetuates the problem of an unsafe street.

  • Bernard Finucane

    Several of these options show trees planted on the sidewalk next to a parking lane. A MUCH better idea is to plant the trees in the parking lane instead.

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