Eyes on the Street: Progress on the Lawrence Street Transit Island

People boarding the bus on Lawrence Street will be able to do so without conflicting with bike traffic. Photo: David Sachs

The protected bike lanes on Lawrence and Arapahoe streets are well on their way to completion, and so is an accompanying “transit island” that will help people waiting for the bus and people on bikes get where they need to go safely.

The island, also known as a “floating bus stop,” gives pedestrians a safe haven while waiting for the bus. The RTD stop on Lawrence Street between 15th and 16th (above) will move from the sidewalk to the island, allowing bicyclists to use the lane without getting in the way of people hopping on and off buses. The Department of Public Works finished laying the base on Friday.

When it’s all done, transit riders will have a zebra-striped crosswalk connecting the sidewalk to the island, across the bike lane. Markings alerting bicyclists to yield to pedestrians will be painted in the lane, and 4-foot-long “LOOK!” signs will remind pedestrians to watch for people on bikes before crossing.

Photo: David Sachs

DPW will install two more transit islands along the Lawrence Street bike lane before it’s complete, with one at 18th and Lawrence already under construction. Denver has a few floating bus stops already, used in conjunction with the 18th Street bike lane:

An existing floating bus stop along the 18th Street bike lane. Photo: David Sachs

The Lawrence Street protected bike lane and the accompanying transit infrastructure should be finished in the next few weeks, weather permitting.