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A woman waits for a bus in a shelter at Lincoln at 9th St. as cars rush past.

In Denver, the Bus Stops Make Me Sad

Waiting for the bus in Denver is unpleasant. Personally, I avoid using the word “sucks,” but that would be an accurate term for most of city’s bus stops. I checked out a few yesterday, and this is a quick tour.   First, Denver’s bus stops often aren’t much more than a pole with a small […]

Friday’s Headlines

“Patricio Martinez killed a 20-year-old motorcyclist in 1994 on his fifth DUI. Since being released, he’s been busted driving drunk three more times.” (9 News) Aurora police filed nine charges against the RTD driver accused of causing the R Line derailment last month that injured several passengers. (CBS4) P3 problems: RTD’s A-Line contractor seeks a […]

Thursday’s Headlines

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Yesterday members of the Colorado House Transportation Committee killed HB1099, a bill that would have banned automated traffic enforcement statewide, including photo red light cameras. Top photo: After a legislative victory, members of the Denver Streets Partnership posed for a photo outside of the State Capitol: Jack Todd and Piep van Heuven of Bicycle Colorado, Jill […]
Pullquote: Denver’s disappearing green spaces are not “because of a growing population of people. It’s because of a growing population of cars.” —Alana Miller, Frontier Group

Wednesday’s Headlines

From Streetsblog Fact check: Colo. Rep. Jovan Melton wants to ban red light cameras. But he justifies his position with false info. A hearing for his bill will happen at the State Capitol this afternoon. (Streetsblog Denver) Opinion: Denver paved over paradise and put up a parking lot. Contrary to the conclusion of a recent Denver […]