Friday’s Headlines 02/26/2021 and Bias-Motivated Crimes Against Asian[-American]s Increase

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  • Traffic Violence Report: 11 People Have Died in 2021, Compared to Five in 2020 (Streetsblog Denver)
  • Friday’s Headlines with Secretary Pete on a Bicycle! (Streetsblog USA)

Traffic Violence and Safe Streets

Safe walking, biking, and transit means more than safety from drivers thanks to good infrastructure. It also means safety without racial profiling, harassment, and violence.

  • Sen. Janet Buckner and Sen. Rhonda Fields: Elijah McClain’s death must become more than a cautionary tale Black mothers tell their children (Denver Post)
  • Bias-motivated crimes against Asian[-American]s on the rise in Denver (Fox31)
  • How Denver can recognize its once-thriving Chinatown (where white people attacked Chinese residents in 1880)? (Denverite)
  • The Denver District Attorney filed vehicular homicide charges against driver Donovan Bartlett for killing Refugio Sanchez-Garcia and injuring two other people when running a read light on February 12 at W. Evans Avenue and S. Zuni Street (CBS4, 9News)

Denver, RTD, and the Metro Area

  • Hancock advocates to Senate for greater local discretion in federal transportation dollars. Quotes via Colorado Politics:
    • “You have to offer just as many or more competitive options for them than driving alone,” the mayor said. “Our single occupancy [vehicle] rate in Denver was over 73% and that was just unsustainable.”
    • On Central I-70: [N]one of the alternative options for the Central 70 project were “feasible,” adding that “it was when the city of Denver got involved in this conversation about the I-70 project that we were able to bring to light the values of equity.”
    • On 16th Street Mall: “The project will not only revitalize our core economic engine, it will also create 1,843 jobs and have an overall economic impact of $4 billion of value add to the regional economy,” Hancock wrote. “I mention this project because it is an outstanding example of how Denver prioritizes hazard mitigation strategies and our infrastructure investments for equity.”
  • CU Denver researchers investigate urban living questions, including transportation and transit equity (CU Denver News)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 8 a.m.: 68 (Moderate). Yesterday’s max: 61 (Moderate).

Centennial State

  • Breckenridge To Hire Private Security For Mask Enforcement Over Spring Break (CBS4)

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