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A Low-Tech Suggestion for Transportation Safety: Stop Widening City Streets

Colorado Department of Transportation Director Shailen Bhatt on Wednesday announced a $20 million initiative to outfit the state’s roads with cutting edge technology. His goal: Eliminate roadway deaths and congestion by asking tech ventures to step in and help solve problems. The initiative, dubbed “RoadX,” will contract out the development of high-tech solutions to road troubles. Semi-autonomous vehicles, for […]

Meet Hank, the Guy CDOT Created to Scold People Who Get Hit By Drivers

Ever wonder what runs through the bureaucratic hive mind of a transportation agency still laboring under last century’s paradigm, trying to evade culpability for designing wide, fast, deadly roads? An agency that thinks the key to remaining relevant is to tweak the same old messages for a Millennial audience by posting to the social medias and the YouTubes? Wonder no more: […]