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Antiquated to Elevated: Hello from Alameda Falls!

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If you’re (un)lucky enough to be crossing under the railroad on Alameda between Santa Fe and Cherokee on a rainy day, you will see gallons of water spill down, past the decaying bridges and onto the narrow sidewalk and street, carrying large amounts of debris with it. This cascade is a huge safety hazard, one reason Denver's working to dry up what locals have dubbed “Alameda Falls.”

Antiquated to Elevated: How Denver’s GO Bond Could Transform Citywide Mobility

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Welcome to the new Streetsblog Denver series covering the Elevate Denver General Obligation bond. Every Tuesday, we’ll be looking at and dissecting different biking, walking, and transit upgrades across the city. We’ll explore the planning aspects behind key projects in addition to considering how these changes will affect the lives of people in the communities where they are located.