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Antiquated to Elevated: Overcoming Barriers

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Many projects that are being funded by the Elevate Denver bond seek to solve mobility problems that come as a result of the barriers, both physical and political, that exist all over the city. Especially in communities that have historically been given the short end of the stick regarding citywide mobility, regulatory conflicts and right-of-way hierarchies only continue to delay the solutions residents are asking for. 

Antiquated to Elevated: Hello from Alameda Falls!

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If you’re (un)lucky enough to be crossing under the railroad on Alameda between Santa Fe and Cherokee on a rainy day, you will see gallons of water spill down, past the decaying bridges and onto the narrow sidewalk and street, carrying large amounts of debris with it. This cascade is a huge safety hazard, one reason Denver's working to dry up what locals have dubbed “Alameda Falls.”