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Denver Council Weighs Three Options to Fix Broken Sidewalk Network

Yesterday the City Council finally dug into the question of how to complete Denver’s patchwork sidewalk network. Sidewalk construction and maintenance currently falls entirely on individual property owners. It’s a policy designed to fail, with many people unable to afford sidewalks, and the quality of the pedestrian environment suffering as a result. People pay with their lives. […]

Mayor Hancock, City Council Have No Excuse to Shortchange Transit

Mayor Michael Hancock has been quick to tout Denver’s status as a post-recession boom town, but not so quick to use the city’s bulging purse to fund transit and active transportation. That should change, if elected officials follow through on their recently announced budget priorities. According to the City Council’s budget priorities, “transit infrastructure and safety” top the list. The City […]

CDOT Will Knowingly Use Obsolete Projections to Rationalize I-70 Widening

Last month, Streetsblog wrote about the absurd traffic projections that the Colorado Department of Transportation is using to justify expanding I-70 from six lanes to 10 through northeast Denver. Last night, I-70 project director Tony DeVito admitted that CDOT will knowingly use old traffic modeling to make a case for the $1.2 billion project, even though there’s newer data available. DeVito spoke […]