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Correction: Aurora Dockless Bike-Share Not Even Close to Out-Performing Denver B-cycle

Streetsblog published a story on Wednesday — "Aurora’s Dockless Bike-Share Quickly Attracts More Riders Than Denver B-cycle" — based on erroneous information, and we are retracting the post. The premise of the post was that the three companies comprising Aurora's new dockless bike-share system — Spin, LimeBike, and ofo — are already out-performing Denver B-cycle. That's not the case.

Why B-Cycle Ridership Lags Behind Other Bike-Share Cities, and How to Fix It

When you compare the way people use Denver B-Cycle to the way people use top bike-share systems across the world, it’s clear that our system comes up short. People just don’t ride it that much. What’s holding B-Cycle back from being a great bike-share system? Like other transit systems, bike-share systems are measured according to how intensely people use them. A […]