Wednesday’s Headlines 03/24/2021 and City Council Questions No-Fee Deal with Lyft and Lime

Denver, RTD, and the Metro Area

  • To keep people scooting and biking, Lyft and Lime might get free public street space to use for private profit (Denverite)
  • No-fee deal to award city’s scooter, bike market to Lime, Lyft questioned (BusinessDen)
  • How You Can Make Your Lifestyle More Sustainable in Denver: #1 is Get Around Without a Car (303 Magazine)
  • RTD’s Light Rail Ramp and High Block Policy Change: The Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition Civil Rights Legal Program wants to hear from you regarding if you have had problems boarding or getting off of light rail trains because people other than those who use wheelchairs and mobility devices are using the ramp and high block to enter and exit the accessible light rail lead train. (CCDC)
  • Temporary service disruption on the University of Colorado A Line on March 27 (RTD)
  • N Line promotional fare pilot ends Saturday, March 27 (RTD)
  • City of Boulder Transitions HOP Route Buses to Electric (Next-Gen Transportation News)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 9 a.m.: 39 (Good). Yesterday’s max: 63 (Moderate).

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