Tuesday’s Headlines 03/09/2021 and the 16th Street Mall Will Get Wider Sidewalks

Traffic Violence and Safe Streets

  • Last night at E. Hampden Ave. and S. Dayton Street, a person driving hit a person walking, who sustained serious injuries (DPD Twitter)
  • DPD arrested two drivers for a hit-and-run crash that killed a person biking Friday night at Morrison Road and W. Kentucky Avenue. Multiple outlets previously reported that the victim was walking, not biking. (DPD Twitter, CBS4, Denver Post)

Denver, RTD, and the Metro Area

Centennial State

  • Pueblo Wants More Pedestrians And Lighter Traffic On Union Avenue And Main Street (Colorado Public Radio)
  • Vail to introduce construction schedule for South Frontage Road roundabout project (Vail Daily)

From Streetsblog

  • Tuesday’s Headlines are Awesome (Streetsblog USA)
  • New COVID Relief Bill Is a Strong Start To a Long Transit Recovery (Streetsblog USA)
    • Both Senator Michael Bennet and Senator John Hickenlooper voted for it.

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