Thursday’s Headlines 02/25/2021 and Broadway bike ‘superhighway’ might be done in 2023?

Traffic Violence and Safe Streets

Safe walking, biking, and transit means more than safety from drivers. Walking while Black should not be deadly.

  • Black Colorado Leaders Stress Need For Continued Movement & Social Justice (CBS4)

Denver, RTD, and the Metro Area

  • The Broadway bike ‘superhighway’ might be done sometime in 2023? (Denverite)
  • Mayor Hancock Spotlights Central 70 Project In Senate Committee Hearing On Future Of Transportation (CBS4)
    • Senate transportation hearing highlights need for investment in clean, safe and accessible transit (U.S. PIRG)
  • Meet RTD’s snow removal team: ‘365 days a year, we’re thinking about snow’ (RTD)
  • RTD Board approves policy that encourages development of affordable housing on RTD property (RTD)
  • RTD suspends certification program for small construction businesses (Colorado Politics)
  • Claudia Hanson Thiem: Northwest Rail may be alluring, but a Bus Rapid Transit network that moves more people for less money — and likely sooner — ought to be a political win (Boulder Daily Camera)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 8 a.m.: 54 (Moderate). Yesterday’s max: 46 (Good).

Centennial State

  • Bill seeking to better hold careless drivers accountable advances at Colorado Capitol (Fox31)
  • Breckenridge to place security on Main Street during spring break to enforce public health orders (Summit Daily News)

From Streetsblog

  • Thursday’s Headlines As We Move Ahead (Streetsblog USA)
  • Study: Low-Income Workers Relying More Heavily on Bikeshare (Streetsblog USA)
  • Talking Headways Podcast: Less Congestion After Ride Hailing Cessation (Streetsblog USA)

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