Monday’s Headlines 02/01/2021 and January Traffic Violence Report

Traffic Violence

  • Denver Traffic Violence Report: Two People Died Last Week After DFD Crash and Six Have Died in 2021 (Streetsblog Denver)

Denver and the Metro Area

  • RTD customers can now use 2020 10-Ride and Access-a-Ride ticket books through 2021 (RTD)
  • RTD meetings this week: Tue 5:30 p.m. Board of Directors; Wed 9 a.m. GM Oversight & Performance Management Committee (RTD agendas)
  • Editorial: We support Denver’s group living proposal [which would give people more choices for where to live and therefore more mobility choices] (Denver Post)
  • Denver City Council meetings this week: Mon 5 p.m. General Public Comment Session; Mon 5:30 p.m. City Council; Tue 9:30 a.m. Mayor-Council; Tue 10:30 a.m. Land Use Transportation Infrastructure Committee; Tue 1:30 p.m. Finance Governance Committee; Wed 10 a.m. Safety Housing Education Homelessness Committee; Thu 9:30 a.m. Budget and Policy Committee (City Council agendas)
  • More (virtual) public meetings:
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 9 a.m.: 51 (Moderate). Yesterday’s max: 51 (Moderate).

Centennial State

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