Thursday’s Headlines 01/21/2021 and Zero U.S. Traffic Deaths by 2050

Traffic Violence

  • The Denver Streets Partnership and the nation’s largest coalition of traffic safety organizations sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to commit the efforts of the federal government to achieve zero roadway deaths by 2050 (National Safety Council)

Denver and the Metro Area

  • City and County of Denver chooses PCL Construction for 16th Street Mall renovation, which will consolidate bus lanes in the middle of the mall, expand sidewalks, and create amenity zones (Denver Post)
  • The RTD Board of Directors Executive Committee met today at 11:30 a.m. to discuss board operating guidelines, committee appointments, annual financial disclosures, a retreat format, and the full board meeting on January 26 (RTD)
  • What to do when there’s nothing to do, specifically today at 5 p.m.? Attend a virtual RTD LiVE and Mobile Ticketing Workshop. (Boulder Weekly)
  • Fresh off $38M sale, Greyhound looks to unload its other big site in Denver (BusinessDen)
  • Denver law enforcement officials have left the group tasked with transforming Denver law enforcement (Denverite)
  • Denver Air Quality Index:  2 p.m.: 39 (Good). Yesterday’s max: 57 (Moderate).

Centennial State

  • Biden appoints Sophie Shulman (formerly of CDOT) and John Putnam (formerly of CDPHE) to U.S. Department of Transportation roles (Denver Post)
  • Climate Took A Front Seat On Biden’s First Day. Colorado Experts Are Optimistic About What Comes Next. (CPR)
  • Kelly Sloan’s self-professed conservative Rx for transportation is “useful over the utopic” subsidies for driving (Colorado Politics)
  • Fort Collins Releases 2019 Community Greenhouse Gas Report (North Forty News)

From Streetsblog

  • Thursday’s Headlines to Start a New Era… and President Biden walked to his new home (Streetsblog USA)
  • Street Safety Groups to President Biden: Commit to a Federal Vision Zero Plan (Streetsblog NYC)
  • The US DOT Needs an Active Transportation Czar (Streetsblog USA)
  • Talking Headways Podcast: Transportation and Law, Part II (Streetsblog USA)

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