Friday’s Headlines and Traffic Violence Report 10/30/20

Traffic Violence

From Streetsblog

 Metro News

  • Court: RTD not entitled to immunity for rider’s injuries (CO Politics)
  • Want city money to run a sanctioned camp? You’ll need to explain where you’ll put it and how you’ll bring the neighbors on board. (Denverite)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 8 a.m.: 51 (Moderate). Yesterday’s max: 48 (Good).

Centennial State & Beyond

  • PANDEMIC PELOTON: A new army of bike enthusiasts taking to roads as pandemic grinds on (Sentinel)
  • Scooters are badly designed and increase inequality. Here’s how to fix them (Fast Company)
  • Cars too dangerous and dirty for rich countries are being sold to poor ones (VOX)

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