Tuesday’s Headlines 8/18/20

Traffic Violence

  • Person walking killed (by driver of a car) in hit-and-run crash in Denver (Fox31Denver)

From Streetsblog

 Metro News

  • What’s in Store for Larimer Square, Denver’s Most Historic Block? (Westword)
  • Hancock: ‘So long as I am mayor, we will not defund the Denver Police Department’ (9News)
  • City council puts on ice ballot measures meant to take power from Denver’s strong mayor (Denverite)
  • Denver’s parking meter and citation revenue down $7 million due to pandemic (BusinessDen)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 8 a.m.: 64 (Moderate). Yesterday’s max: 136 (Unhealthy).

Centennial State & Beyond

  • Opinion: Time for Colorado utilities to step on accelerator for electric vehicles (Colorado Sun)
  • ‘We’re Desperate’: Transit Cuts Felt Deepest in Low-Income Areas (The New York Times)

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