Monday’s Headlines 5/11/20

From Streetsblog

 Metro News

  • Denver Restaurants Send Urgent Plea to Mayor: Give Us Outdoor Seating (Westword)
  • Denver’s Climate Task Force Has a Big, Expensive List of Ideas and Transportation Comes in First (Westword)
  • COVID-19: Sad Denver Reopening on the 16th Street Mall (Westword)
  • Denver Air Quality Index: 8 a.m.: 36 (Good). Yesterday’s max: 50 (Good).

Centennial State & Beyond

  • Which will dominate our cities after the coronavirus, bikes or cars? (Tree Hugger)
  • Growing Atlanta Suburb Reclaiming an Unexpected Public Space (NextCity)
  • Washington, DC, Just Made It Easier to Ride Transit, But Will Riders Return? (NextCity)

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