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  • Multi-car crash kills one on I-25 south of Colorado Springs (Gazette)
  • The R-Line train that derailed and injured a woman last month in Aurora was going too fast and RTD doesn’t have the tech needed to slow trains automatically. (Denver Post)
  • Matthew Dungan, who killed a motorcyclist while driving drunk and distracted, urges drivers to avoid lapses in judgement. (Coloradoan)
  • After deadliest year on Colorado Springs’ streets, police increasing enforcement. (News 5)
  • People made 58,000 trips on scooters, traveling nearly 1 million miles since Aug. 1. Fleet of 1,300 scooters could expand. (Denverite) (Also: Denver Post)
  • RTD hearing in Golden discussed proposed service cuts that would reduce W-Line service to every 30 minutes on Saturdays. (Fox 31)
  • Denver traffic is among the worst in the U.S. (Patch)
  • As more people move to Capitol Hill, people complain about too little parking. (Denver7)


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  • Camera_Shy

    “Denver traffic is among the worst in the U.S.”

    It’s not. It’s really not.

  • garbanzito

    correction: 58,000 is the number of E-bike trips, not scooter trips; if the figure were for scooters, the average trip would have been 17 miles long! in reality, the average scooter trip was just over a mile; here are the scooter trip figures directly from the city report:

    Total Number of Rides: 819,927
    Total Miles Traveled: 952,898

    but note that the city botched the calculation of average trip length on page 4 of the report: