Wednesday’s Headlines

  • RTD Board Gives New Fare Pass Structure Stamp of Approval (CPR)
  • Bike Advocates Wait… and Wait for Denver Public Works to Stop Drivers from Blocking Bike Lanes (ABC7)
  • City Council Weighs Pros and Cons of Statewide Transpo Ballot Measure for Roads, Transit (Politics)
  • DenverUrbanism Dunks on Denver Business Journal for Equating Commuting with Driving
  • 9News Scolds Bird for Misleading Scooter Riders into Doing What’s Safe for Peds Instead of What’s Legal
  • Another Story About Impending Hell Spawned from Grandoozy’s Supply of Car Storage (ABC7)
  • The Hancock Administration Will Buy You Lunch if You Test Drive (Electric) Cars (Denverite)
  • Trial of Motorist Noe Gamez-Ruez, Accused of Hitting and Killing State Trooper Cody Donahue, Starts Today (9News)

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