Today’s Headlines

  • RTD Crossing Guards Back “Temporarily” Because of G Line Malfunction (9News)
  • Teen Traffic Deaths Up; In Typical CDOT Fashion, Agency Claims it will Teach Them Not to Die (Fox31)
  • Scooters, scooters. Scooters. (9News)
  • Driver Nearly Takes Out Colorado Springs TV Crew (Fox31)
  • Motorist Smashes Car through Greeley DMV (9News)
  • DenPo Reader: Colorado Shouldn’t Copy California Emissions Standards Because We Breathe Different Air or Something
  • New Vehicle Sales Down Statewide (DBJ)

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  • Greg Knaddison

    Perhaps for tomorrow’s headlines: A “vehicle” crashed at a park in Englewood last night at 11pm. I couldn’t find coverage in media, but the city’s Facebook page has

    • TakeFive

      Let me guess: kids coming from the skate park? How do you not stop at Belleview; that’s a blind intersection from the west? Fortunately (sorta) Belleview Ave west of Broadway has much less traffic than east of Broadway.

  • TakeFive

    “Teen Traffic Deaths Up”

    “Teens face the greatest risk of crashing during the first year of their license,” CDOT spokesman Sam Cole said. “One out of every five licensed 16-year-olds will be in a motor vehicle crash. For 16- to 17-year-olds, carrying just one passenger increases the crash risk by about 50 percent.”

    The Good News if you want to call it that:

    Since 2004, when GDL laws were strengthened to include passenger restrictions and nighttime curfews, there has been a 66 percent reduction in deaths of teens ages 15 to 19.

    Is there a quick, easy fix? How ’bout every teen driver be required to take a (good) defensive driving class where they actually drive along with classroom time, before they can obtain their GDL license.

  • Little Big City

    It should be noted that the news crew in Colorado Springs was in a bike lane when they were nearly hit. Not even closing the road can keep folks in the bike lane safe from drivers.