Today’s Headlines

  • Uber Launches Jump Electric Bike-Share (Denverite)
  • Highway Industry Shill Jon Caldara Bashes Roads and Transit Tax Measure that Competes with His Own (DenPo)
  • Hickenlooper Rests on Laurels of Suburban Rail (CPR)
  • DenPo Columnist: Buses Can Provide Educational Opportunity for Kids
  • DenPo Reader: How Good Are Electric Vehicles if Most of Electricity Comes from Coal?

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  • Riley Warton

    Den Post does have a point – it is taking a long time to actually build fastracks, especially with the new N line delay. Why can’t they just build all of the lines at the same time? What about changing the order of construction (building the Southwest and Southeast rail extensions first, the southwest only extending by just one station)? What about funding, RTD still seems underfunded to me. Is any of this RTD’s fault or is CDOT involved in this somehow? I’m kind of confused.

    • TakeFive

      I assume your reference is to Caldara’s piece. It’s too simplistic but being a cynical critic is easy for Jon. Does he have any solutions? Yeah, sure, if you believe in fantasies.

      Jon is conflating issues; the Denver Chamber/business community sponsored transportation ‘Initiative 153’ has NOTHING to do with RTD or any light/commuter rail. Forty percent of the new tax revenue will go to local cities/counties to decide for themselves what is best.

      With respect to RTD Fastracks, while not without hitches it’s been a masterstroke. I just ran some numbers recently and Seattle is spending 4X as much on their light rail; Portland is looking at spending 3X as much. Due to a Colorado law called TABOR, RTD ran out of borrowing capacity before they could build the N Line. It was only b/c of a Canadian company making an unsolicited offer to build it along with improving revenue to RTD that allowed them to proceed. The SE LRT extension should be completed and open next year.