Today’s Headlines

  • Legislature Restores RTD’s Ability to Collect Weed Revenue (DBJ)
  • Developer of Skyscraper, 10-Floor Parking Garage Has No Land to Build On (BusinessDen)
  • ABC7 Gives Drivers Pros and Cons of Accepting Responsibility for Dangerous Driving
  • DenPo Publishes Letter Claiming New Homes Are Bad Because Writer Can’t Store Car in Front of House
  • DenPo Publishes Letter Bashing Affordable Homes for Families Because Alleys Are “Sacred”
  • Very Polluted I-70 Neighborhoods May Not Be Unhealthy Enough to Qualify as Country’s Most Polluted (Denverite)
  • Reporters Speculate on Success of Sales Tax Ballot Measure to Fund Transportation (KGNU)
  • Owning a Car in Colorado Is Increasingly Unaffordable (DenPo)
  • Fear-mongering I-25 Expansionists Threaten Three-Hour Trip Between Denver, Fort Collins (KUNC)
  • Trump to Let More People Die While Traveling (AP)

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