Today’s Headlines

  • Traffic Deaths Fell Slightly Nationally, But Increased in Colorado (DenPo)
  • New Blueprint for City Growth and Transportation Won’t Pretend Neighborhoods Are Static (DenPo)
  • Density Near Transit Means More Places for People to Live and Work (ABC7)
  • Trump’s Infrastructure Plan a “Trojan Horse” to Cripple Environmental Oversight (KGNU)
  • Driver Kills Michael Miller in the Springs, Faces No Charges; KKTV Blames Victim, Who Had Right of Way, for “Wearing Dark Clothing”
  • Vail Creating Regulations for Electric Bikes (CBS4)
  • Watchdogs Say Office of Public Private Partnerships Is a Sham (Independent)

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  • TakeFive

    “Trump’s Infrastructure Plan a “Trojan Horse” to Cripple Environmental Oversight ”

    “It just lets the federal agencies off the hook when they do a sloppy job of considering what’s important to communities, what’s important to wild life, what’s important to clean air and water.” ~Ted Zukoski, Earth Justice attorney

    Bullpucky! What’s important to communities and the states DOT will be up to the community and the state which is what should be the case. So when Koch Bros say the Feds should not meddle into Colorado Marijuana laws, I agree with them. The growing Nanny state has cost states precious $billions and years of agonizing waits.

    A coalition of more than two dozen environmental advocacy groups contend the proposal is a dangerous giveaway that weakens environmental protections and lowers safety standards to subsidize wealthy developers.

    That may be the flimsiest, silliest thing I’ve ever read. The only thing being given here is a passing of power back to the states where it belongs, just as the 10th Amendment envisions. How many states intentionally enrich wealthy developers as opposed to taking the lowest/best bid? Which states are you accusing of being unsafe? Arizona, for example has some of the best engineered and safe freeways in the country, especially those that have been built over the last 25 years.

  • TakeFive

    “Watchdogs Say Office of Public Private Partnerships Is a Sham”

    With the creation of an Office of Public-Private Partnerships, the management, regulation and oversight of PPPs has passed from public institutions (city, state, federal) to the corporate project managers themselves, developers and the financial interests hoping to profit from the projects.

    To the best of my knowledge that is totally false and Colorado now has ample experience to disprove that notion. Neither CDOT nor RTD abdicated oversight responsibility with their own P3 projects. Additionally I can think of three condo projects that had significant quality issues in the 2000’s under the then city oversight. Since the start of the post-recession boom I’m not aware of any similar disasters. Personal tastes is a different topic.