Today’s Headlines

  • D Line Won’t Serve Five Points Anymore — the “New” 1.7-Mile L Line Will (DenPo)
  • Driver Plows Car Through Church, Fox31 Says SUV Acted Alone
  • City Council to Vote on Tech Connecting Freight Trucks, Fleets, Pedestrians to Traffic Signals (DenPo)
  • 238 Homes to Supplant Parking Lot at Park and Welton (BusinessDen)
  • DenPo Readers Rip Jon Caldara for Column Worshiping Car Traffic
  • Car-Based Sprawl Apparently Key to “Next Urban Frontier” in Northern Burbs (DenPo)
  • Homes Near W Line Are Selling Before They Exist (DenPo)
  • Why Nice People “Turn Into Jerks” When Driving (9News)
  • When People Drive to Mountain Resorts, People Park at Mountain Resorts (CBS4)

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