Today’s Headlines

  • This Week: Tell City Planners How Transit, Biking, and Walking Infrastructure Must Improve (CBS4)
  • DenPo Columnist: “Make Downtown Denver Parking Great Again” With Publicly Funded Parking Towers
  • Driver’s Errant Tire Injures Person Walking at Colfax and Monaco (9News)
  • Sun Valley in the Running for $30M Federal Grant for More, Denser Housing (Independent)
  • Ghost Bike for Slain Cyclist Jason Holden Represents Danger Riders Face Everyday (ABC7)
  • Bike Advocate Starts “Kidical Mass” Family Bike Rides (5280)
  • Times- Call Reader: Why We Should Reelect Judy Lubow for RTD Director
  • Boulder County Commissioner Candidates Debate Free RTD Pass (Times-Call)

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  • Sanperson

    That Denver Post column is so wrong! It would drive housing costs even higher if the city was buying up empty lots in desirable locations to turn them into parking craters.

    • TakeFive

      Since you made me read it… that’s a fun article and interesting retrospect that is not (really) related to housing affordability.

      I was not familiar with the Kansas City Community Bookshelf. That place is great and apparently a big tourist attraction.

      The best example of a nice parking garage in Denver is the new SkyHouse Denver 26-story apartment project.

      • JerryG

        Those two parking garages are there to serve people visiting or living at the other buildings. That is different from what Teresa Keegan, the guest columnist, was advocating which is building parking garages for people who visit or work downtown who want cheap (maybe free?) parking and who don’t want to use alternative means to get downtown. That is the same kind of thinking that was prevalent in 70s, which resulted in the clear cutting of much of downtown’s existing buildings.

        • TakeFive

          What I focused on was that parking garage space can be made attractive and since virtually every significant new development includes this it would be nice if they were all attractive. The new building at 1401 Lawrence works well enough.

          Unrelated to parking garages, the creation of DURA which dates back to 1958 in Colorado as a result of the Title I of the Housing Act of 1949 by Congress did indeed wreck a lot of havoc on Denver’s history and neighborhoods in the 1960’s, even into the 1970’s. It’s also true that some buildings were unfortunately lost in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s office tower boom.

          I doubt very much that Teresa Keegan would advocate for destroying any of Denver’s history. That’s a wildly interesting stretch to make. We do sadly continue to lose notable historic buildings every year to private property rights but none for parking garages that I’m aware of. It is indeed sad.

          • JerryG

            Much of the buildings that were lost in the 1970’s was not just due to building new office towers, but to the creation of more parking for those daytime office dwellers. This is especially evident in Golden Triangle, Uptown and Arapahoe Square even today. Granted, I would rather have those existing surface parking lots combined into fewer parking garages and into attractive mixed use ones like you have referenced. However, that is not what Teresa Keegan was advocating for. She thinks the city should create more parking, albeit in the form of parking structures. I think this is quite reflective of the 1970’s thinking.

          • TakeFive

            Fair enough with respect to many of the resulting parking lots. But parking was only an intermediate term “business” utilized by “land bankers.” They visualized shiny new skyscrapers and wonderful profits from inflated land values. For that vision we lost way to much history. Just a guess that I care much more about that history than shiny urban density than most do.

            FWIW, Teresa’s idea is fanciful. I mean when is the last time a general purpose parking garage was built? It is not a topic that even interests me.

  • neroden

    “Driver’s Errant Tire Injures Person Walking at Colfax and Monaco (9News)”

    Now THAT qualifies as an actual accident, unlike most collisions.