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DPW Wants to Ram a Wider MLK Boulevard Through Stapleton

With one hand, Mayor Michael Hancock and his Department of Public Works are making ambitious commitments to end traffic deaths, but with the other, they’re still redesigning streets in a way that will increase the risk of people getting killed. The latest case in point: Public Works plans to widen Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard by two lanes, creating more dangerous conditions in a growing neighborhood. […]

The Denver Post Cheers for a Car-Choked Future

Some people think widening highways is just an inherently good idea — the more space for traffic, the better. Count the Denver Post in that camp. The Post recently threw its wholehearted support behind widening I-70 by four lanes. Believing that wider highways will fix traffic problems is like believing that loosening your belt will fix your waistline. We […]

Engineers Blew Off Safety Concerns to Widen Federal. Will They Do It Again?

Engineers know that wide city streets with wide lanes are dangerous — those are the streets where people get killed by speeding drivers. But when people confronted Denver’s transportation agencies about the widening of Federal Boulevard, Colorado DOT and Denver Public Works blew off their safety concerns. Making the street safer for walking, they said, would ruin the whole […]