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Walkable Streets Beat Out Parking in Vision for Future of Broadway Station

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On Wednesday the Denver Planning Board approved a plan to transform the area around Broadway and I-25 Station so people can get to the station safely and conveniently without driving. Under the plan, a new mixed-use neighborhood would rise around the station. Instead of a park-and-ride surrounded by car-first streets, Broadway and I-25 Station would be accessible via new pedestrian and […]

DPW’s Big Idea for Denver’s Next Great Walkable Neighborhood: Widen Roads

Denver’s ABC affiliate, 7News, has a very cleverly titled column called “Driving You Crazy” (it’s mostly about what makes drivers crazy — get it?). Sometimes traffic reporter Jayson Luber wanders into transit territory — like when he empathized with a reader who can’t stand “gabby females” on the No. 15 bus. But mostly Luber hands a megaphone to motorists enraged over […]

How RTD’s Suburban Politics Hamper Denver’s Investment in Transit

For the most part, Regional Transportation District’s board members are politicians, not transportation planners. And when they have to make important decisions about transit, it shows. Those decisions aren’t always based on what’s best for transit riders or the region. The RTD Board’s leadership has produced a system where rail lines cater to suburbanites and exurbanites more than Denver residents. But when it comes […]

How Not to Treat Street Design Near Transit Stations

The Denver Post published a story today by Megan Mitchell that depicts an uprising of sorts against smart street design near the Iliff Avenue Rail Station, which will open next year. Some residents, including Albert Melcher, president of the local neighborhood association, want to nix a planned bike lane and widen a nearby street to handle traffic from the […]