Recent Streetsblog DENVER posts about road widening

For the cost of widening three miles of this road, 56th Avenue, the city could build 67 miles of protected bike lanes and 90 miles of sidewalks. Image: Google Maps.

Mayor Hancock Still Doesn’t Get It — Widening Roads Hurts Denver

Back in February, Michael Hancock told a room full of sustainable transportation advocates, “We need to absolutely transform our city from a car-focused, automobile-centric system, to a people-centric transportation and mobility network.” Fast forward four months, and Hancock and the Denver City Council may do the exact opposite by spending $27 million to widen 56th Avenue […]

Engineers Blew Off Safety Concerns to Widen Federal. Will They Do It Again?

Engineers know that wide city streets with wide lanes are dangerous — those are the streets where people get killed by speeding drivers. But when people confronted Denver’s transportation agencies about the widening of Federal Boulevard, Colorado DOT and Denver Public Works blew off their safety concerns. Making the street safer for walking, they said, would ruin the whole […]

DPW’s Big Idea for Denver’s Next Great Walkable Neighborhood: Widen Roads

Denver’s ABC affiliate, 7News, has a very cleverly titled column called “Driving You Crazy” (it’s mostly about what makes drivers crazy — get it?). Sometimes traffic reporter Jayson Luber wanders into transit territory — like when he empathized with a reader who can’t stand “gabby females” on the No. 15 bus. But mostly Luber hands a megaphone to motorists enraged over […]