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No, There Is Not an “Affordable Parking Crisis”

Channeling Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, the Denver Post ran a column in its Sunday edition titled “Make downtown Denver parking great again.” No joke. Forget all the evidence that the more parking you build, the more traffic you get and the more expensive everything else becomes. What Denver really needs, according to author Teresa Keegan, […]

Memo to Denver Post: What Makes Driving Miserable Is the Cars, Not Transit

They almost did it. The Denver Post editorial board almost wrote a smart opinion piece on the need for a transit overhaul in this city. Launching from an excellent article by the Post’s Jon Murray that examined the many gaps in Denver’s transit system, the editorial included some nuggets of sensibility. Like “transit options are sparse and impractical in pockets of […]

Denver Post Got It Wrong: Parking Minimums Make Traffic Worse, Not Better

In an editorial published Monday, the Denver Post defended five City Council members who want to force home builders to provide storage for private automobiles, even though that makes housing less affordable. According to the misguided Post editorial board, making Denver residents pay more for housing is worth it because the parking requirements will reduce traffic congestion. They couldn’t have […]